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All year long we have celebrated the vibrant and inspiring life of one of the most important and charismatic individuals the country and the world has ever known. John F. Kennedy’s aura and personality transcended government and politics, creating a lasting cultural and historical icon. His wife Jacqueline was more than the First Lady; she was a fashionista, bringing fresh examples of style and grace to the White House. Together they transformed his administration into their vision of a modern day Camelot. Images and photographs of the celebrity couple spending personal time with family or on vacation have become as iconic and revered as their political counterparts. John and Jackie left a resounding mark on society, especially those closest to them. Nothing speaks more to this than the fact that Kennedy’s personal aids and advisors have proved to be his biggest collectors and curators, helping to preserve the legacy. His administration is unique in that everyone involved seemed to appreciate and covet anything and everything related to the President. It is as if a museum was being amassed on a daily basis by the most important people in Kennedy’s inner circle.

The Kennedys

Culled from the private estates of such JFK notables as Chester Clifton (Kennedy’s Senior Military Aide), Robert McNamara (Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense) and Dave Powers (Kennedy’s Special Assistant and Assistant Appointments Secretary, and close personal friend and confidant), as well as other various private collections, JG Autographs Inc., is honored to offer the President John F. Kennedy Curated Collection. The collection features a plethora of memorabilia including cut signatures, signed letters (ALS/TLS), original vintage photography, postal covers, cancelled checks, documents, tickets, post cards, autographed books and other types of original vintage ephemera from the era.

Key figures in the collection include: John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Chester Clifton, Lyndon Johnson, Clint Hill, Robert McNamara, Dave Powers, John Kennedy Jr. “John John” and Caroline Kennedy.

COLLECTING CAMELOT: Memorabilia from the John F. Kennedy Administration and those closest to the charismatic President and First Lady.


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Curated Collections


One of the new additions that we are proud to introduce to is our “Curated Collections.” These featured groups bring together our eclectic inventory in a virtual gallery viewing, focussing on choice individuals, events and themes celebrated for their historical and cultural significance. The collections combine all our inventory relevant to the particular subject with pertinent biographical and historical information, additional photography, famous quotes and anecdotes. They provide the most centered, informed and inclusive way to view our premium items. Our “Curated Collections” truly enhance the experience.

Curated Collections currently running include:


COLLECTING CAMELOT: Memorabilia from the John F. Kennedy Administration and those closest to the charismatic President and First Lady.

The Kennedys


RARE AIR: Signed selections from the most iconic athlete in the history of sport, Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan


WINDS OF JUSTICE: The saga and freedom of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and John Artis.

Rubin Carter

View our full Curated Collections:

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Humble Beginnings


It’s hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since James Sullivan wrote this piece for the Boston Globe. A lot can and has happened in a year but we really appreciated this and felt it was a worth a revisit as it is the first place we spoke publicly about the new site design and launch.

Special thanks to James Sullivan (Boston Globe Correspondent), Josh Reynolds (Boston Globe) and Brian Coleman (Good Road).

Boston Globe Article:  From Teen Celebrity Hound to Autograph Entrepreneur


Additional Photography



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Welcome to Our New Blog


Hello there. Welcome to our blog. Our very first blog. Chances are that if your interest and passion have landed you all the way here then you will have some patience and understanding while we work out and discover our um… our…

blog voice?
blog hand?
blog type?
blog style?

Our blog style.

Yes, let’s go with blog style. Moving on.

The last couple years has seen JG Autographs grow as a company, national team and staff, family and a full service option to you. We are diligent in understanding the constant flux of the present and excited looking to the prospects of the future, all the while delving back into the past to appreciate our history and culture. This is what we pride ourselves most on as a company and as individuals and feel confident that we are now bringing you, our trusted clients, consumers and friends, the best experience an enthusiastic collector can have on the web.

new site

Let’s start with the launch of our fully re-designed website. In addition to cleaning up the overall design aesthetic and presentation we have built a very cutting edge, progressive, user friendly platform. Fully responsive, it will adapt and rebuild itself to any size screen or device format. What that means is please feel free to log on to from your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone wherever you may be. We will be here fully ready to accommodate any need you have. We can go anywhere you need us to.

We have also extended our social media channels, including this, our blog, to better interact with you directly. We are able to give up to the minute news and updates and offer a more personal, hands on touch. We have also developed custom email settings that you dictate and control so that only information important and of interest to you ever goes to you. We will provide you with all our current happenings but only on the topics you want to hear about. That’s pretty cool.

With the launch also comes a full re-stock of inventory. We are proud to offer thousands of newly listed authentic autographs, documents, manuscripts, fine artwork, and vintage, historic photographs. We are constantly acquiring new collections and items to add to our extensive surplus and feel we have assembled an extremely eclectic mix of items and products that represent all collecting interests. We also now offer a full range of supplies to protect and display every type of item or product no matter how non-traditional or unorthodox. Perfect one-stop shopping for your collection and its needs.

Oh and did we mention that ALL shipping, first class, domestic is FREE?
That’s right 100% free first class, domestic shipping on all orders.
That’s not a limited time promotion or a gimmick, that’s just our policy.
We thought you might appreciate that.

So, as your collecting passion has grown and continues so does our promise…

Welcome to JG Autographs, Inc. newly designed, fully responsive website. Bursting with remarkable new inventory, we know it will match your passion and need for unique and incomparable collectibles in any field.

Please check back here consistently for fun updates, information, stories, photos and more of our new blog stylings.

Thank you for your interest and support.

The JG Autographs Staff

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